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Rancho Milagro Recovery strives to exceed the highest levels of care designed for privacy and personal growth.
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California's Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Temecula
Serving All of Southern California

The accredited drug addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment programs at Rancho Milagro Recovery combines the evidence-based best practices with our unique principles and values. With every resident, we provide individualized, patient-based planning along with supportive, compassionate, and respectful care.  Surrounded by 60 acres of outdoor greatness and  all our rescued ranch animals including horses, pigs, chickens, and emu to name a few are all part of the experience at Rancho Milagro Recovery that sets us apart. Paired with our high level of care and immersion into the ranch, miracles begin here.

Rancho Milagro Recovery is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission and our certified professionals are passionate about helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction in our upscale ranch facility with chef-inspired, healthy dining.

Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance to us and our Patient-to-staff ratios are kept low so that care can be personalized for people who come to us for help.  Treatment programs are tailored to the needs of every individual offering learning experiences for life-long recovery.

Your journey begins here, one step at a time, we will get you there.

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We Believe in Treating the Whole Person

Rancho Milagro Recovery’s treatment programs are designed to treat all aspects of an individuals mind, body and spirit. With a professional team of experts and situated in the lush Temecula Hills of Southern California, Rancho Milagro provides the perfect setting for your treatment needs.

We also incorporate animal therapy where all clients and staff can interact with our team of rescue animals including, cows, horses, pigs, etc. We immerse our clients into the Rancho Milagro Life.

We Deliver Exceptional Medical Care

Outstanding medical care is a must at Rancho Milagro Recovery. Each treatment plan is designed with the individual at hand. We have a full team of treatment staff to help clients everyday that are constantly monitoring an individuals, physical and mental well being.

We Offer a place of trust and love.

Rancho Milagro is a beautiful ranch house set far from the busy city life. Here clients can receive treatment from our dedicated team and solely focus on healing. We have gender specific treatment options and our ranch provides a safe, respectful, and loving atmosphere where each persons progress is supported by our staff.

Our Facility

Located on 60 acres in the hills of Temecula, Rancho Milagro Recovery provides exclusive treatment in one of the most picturesque locations in Southern California. Our well-appointed, upscale residential treatment facility was designed especially for people who desire privacy, exclusivity, and the very best alcohol and drug addiction treatment available.  In addition our rescue animals of horses, cows, pigs, dogs, and emu are also part of the healing process.

Rancho Milagro Recovery offers a full Detox and Residential Treatment Center (RTC) program. The average length of stay is usually 30 to 60 days. The facility is a well-appointed Spanish California-style Ranch located far from the hustle and bustle of city life and surrounded by beautiful hiking trails.

A Program You Can Believe In

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Our Commitment to Animal Rescue…

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The Future Is Bright

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See What Others Have to Say About Us
Words cannot even express how truly grateful I am for attending Ranch Milagro Recovery. I have been to several different rehabs trying to get and remain sober and thought this place looked different from the others when I was doing my research. I am so glad I went with my gut in choosing this place… read more
I drove my friend here two months and was amazed at how beautiful it was driving through Temecula to Rancho Milagro. I was hesitant at first, but after seeing and meeting the staff and learning about the program they were offering for my friend, I was put at ease… read more
I took my friend here to Rancho Milagro for his addiction so that he could get the help he needed. It took a little convincing, but as soon as he agreed, they setup the assessment and I had him on a plane the next day to California. I am in full gratitude with how they helped and handled the situation… read more
If you’re starting at rock bottom there ain’t no better place than here my buddy said. 98 days sober today and he is looking great. I tip my hat off to Rancho Milagro recovery and their entire staff. Addiction counselors and support staff and wonderful animals. You gave my friend a second chance at life and this is all due in part to your recovery program. Thank you for helping him through his addiction. read more
From my cousin who wants to remain anonymous. Sometimes you never get a second chance at life. I was lucky enough at Rancho Milagro to experience recovery from rock bottom. It was definitely the hardest thing mentally and physically to go through but I managed with their help and care. read more
My friend struggled with alcohol addiction for so long. Ever since he started working, drinking has been the norm. He came here for treatment and he told me it changed his life. I can see it in his eyes and his new lifestyle and am so grateful. Addiction is no joke. Thank you for helping him. read more
My co-worker came here 2 months ago for his addiction. I didn’t even know he had one, i just thought he was tired all day! He’s definitely a happier man now and he’s quite focused with getting busy in life. I commend him for this life change and wanted to say thank you for your help. Don’t do drugs kids, it’ll mess with your life. detox, rehab, battlestar galactica. read more
My friend stayed here for seven days of detox and a few days residential. He/she returned with very happy reviews and was much more chilled out and relaxed, and conveyed to our friends what professional and friendly service they received. The staff, especially Jamal, was really excellent. Thank you! read more
My cousin went here a few weeks back and I must say he is a changed man. I know recovery is tough and is a life change but its one step at a time right? I must give props to the staff for helping him even see the light of day. thank you. read more
Out of respect for my friend, I must keep him anonymous – but he went here with an open mind and a will to change. I guess that’s where it starts. He said the food was amazing, and the staff were all very nice. Many thanks to the people that do this to help. read more
3 Months Ago
Rancho Milagro welcomed me with open arms and offered me a place of solace. Their ranch and houses are very well taken care of, and the staff are very caring and professional. They are always there for you if you need to talk, and though sometimes you do need to ask for something a few times, they will make sure that you get what you need. There is a lot of food available and they’ll take you shopping, a few AA or NA meetings a week, and on weekends you’ll have outings, a fireside meeting in the backyard, and they’ll take you to church if you request it. read more
A Year Ago
My cousin went here a few weeks back and I must say he is a changed man. I know recovery is tough and is a life change but its one step at a time right? I must give props to the staff for helping him even see the light of day. thank you! read more
A Year Ago
This place was the stepping stone to my new life. 7 months ago I was a very heavy and severe drug addict .Ranch Milagro gave me the strength and direction to begin my new life. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything!!! read more
A Year Ago
Awesome place!!! Best place to start on your road to recovery. read more
A Year Ago
I am so grateful to be clean and be able to recommend others to get clean and sober. Live is better today than I ever imagined it could be away from drugs read more
Rancho Milagro Recovery

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37235 Painted Pony Road
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