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Rancho Milagro Recovery

Ellie and Dolley

Ellie started off life as a local race horse, and won a race at Santa Anita! She suffered a leg injury and was going to be euthanized, until a family came in and was willing to rehabilitate and train her. She was then trained to be a jumping horse, and her new home even helped earn her and her rider a scholarship and spot on the jumping team at UC Davis! Before heading up to Davis for her new life, she re-injured her foot, and could no longer jump. To save her from being sent to pasture for the rest of her life, Rancho Milagro took her in and has allowed her to continue to work. Due to her injury, work is kept it minimal enough that she can rest her foot and won’t hurt it again. She loves to be pet and loves treats, so when you stop by make sure you say hi with a treat!

Dolly, at the age of 11, has had a long and difficult life. She was shackled and used for breeding. A rescue stepped in after discovering her beatings and starvation. She has scars on her legs from the shackles and scars on her back from the starvation and beatings, but she is truly one of the sweetest animals alive. She originally came to Rancho Milagro as a foster while Windy was sent away for training. However, after Windy came back, we were all too attached to let her go. So she’s finally found a safe, permanent residence where she can be loved and live worry-free! She loves baths and playing in her water bucket, and she’ll eat anything you give her! She is a true example of how circumstances do not define you or your future :)