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Tempe and Windy

Tempe was purchased for the youngest daughter of a family so she could ride. The family that bought her did not know that she was pregnant, so Windy was their happy surprise! When Windy was three and Tempe was about eight, the family decided to move from Pennsylvania to California. They paid a mover and loaded them up, but the horses never got to California. They were missing, hidden in a trailer for six months!

They were beaten in an attempt to train them and starved. They finally got to California, but could no longer be handled due to severe treatment. Rancho Milagro took them in in 2015. Slowly they were able to be handled, and Tempe slowly allowed riders on her back. Windy was broken in 2018, which took three months of hard work by her trainer. Today, both love to go out for rides and be given attention! They are gifts to all of us and our clients at Rancho Milagro!