Assessment - Temecula CA Drug rehab and alcohol treatment center
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Have you missed work due to the effects of your drinking/using?
Do you hide your drinking/using from others?
Have you tried to stop using drugs or alcohol but couldn't?
Has a family member or loved one expressed concern about your drinking and/or drug use?
Do you frequently use/drink more than you intended or find that you can't stop once you start?
Do you feel a need to use/drink to start your day?
Do you use/drink to escape your troubles or cope with your worries?
Are you having money troubles because of drinking or using?
Do you ever stay home from work because of drinking or using?
Is drinking or using causing trouble in your family?
Do you feel remorse after drinking or using?
Do you make promises to yourself or others about your drinking or using?
Chances are if you’ve answered yes to most of these questions you owe it to yourself or the person you’re concerned about to have a discussion about your situation. Your feelings and questions about whether or not you or the person you’re concerned about needs help should be considered with the help of a professional.

The call or email is free and confidential and the help could be invaluable to you, your loved ones and your life.

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