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Alcohol Addiction Rehab California
When does someone cross the line into alcohol addiction? For many, this line can be difficult to find until it is too late. Alcohol abuse can look like frequent drinking binges, inability to get through a day without several drinks, or a lack of ability to control drinking once the first drink is picked up. These are only a few of the signs to look for.

Alcohol addiction and abuse is a widespread and often unnoticed problem affecting over 15 million American adults! Alcohol abuse is not something to be ignored, as it can create chaos in every aspect of life. It can affect your relationships and family, job or school, and your health.

If you or someone you care about is struggling when alcohol, the first step is to acknowledge and address the issue. Alcohol abuse and addiction looks different for every person. In every case of addiction, it becomes a problem that is not able to be controlled or stopped. That is until you make the choice to face alcohol addiction and seek help.

At Rancho Milagro Recovery, we believe in, and fight for, lasting recovery. Our treatment plans are as unique as you! We are here to help make sure recovery is a success. Give us a call if you would like more information on alcohol addiction or if you are ready to say yes to getting the life back that addiction stole.

Our staff genuinely cares about you and your family during your time in recovery and after. We are licensed and accredited to work with you during group meetings, one on one therapy, family therapy, equine (horse) therapy, and more!

Are You Addicted to Alcohol?

Do you or a loved one show signs and symptoms of being an alcoholic? Take our free, online and confidential alcohol abuse self assessment today to find out.

Medically Assisted Detox Treatment

Upon arrival, treatment will begin at our medically assisted detox. Rancho Milagro Recovery provides a high-quality, comfortable environment with private and semi-private rooms and many amenities to make this difficult transition as easy as possible. During detox, our medical staff will ensure your time is comfortable and help you cope with any withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol addiction detox.

Following detox, you will start your stay at our beautiful 44-acre addiction treatment facility. We will personally work with you to help you have a solid foundation for life after alcohol addiction treatment, while beginning to outline your goals following treatment.

Alcohol addiction has done enough damage. It is time to take your life and future back, and we are determined to help you walk into a beautiful future, addiction free! Are you ready to start your journey today?