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Temecula Drug and Alcohol Detox Center
Deciding to face addiction, while incredibly rewarding, can be a daunting task. The road to alcohol or drug use recovery is different for every person However, the first step out of addiction is the same: detoxification. In order live a life free of addiction’s bondage, the toxins inside the body must be cleared. For some people, this can be an intense process, depending on the type of substance abuse and the length of addiction. For this reason, our goal is a safe and welcoming environment. That is why we have medically assisted drug and alcohol detox plans in the comfort of a feel-at-home environment. Detox plans are customized and supervised, so that from day one of sobriety through the end of residential stay, you know you are invested in, heard, and are our priority.
What makes your detox at Rancho Milagro different

Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Center is supervised by our certified, knowledgeable staff, and is a vital part of recovery. Please, do not attempt detoxification at home or without the care and supervision of medical help. We provide a safe environment to detox in. Remember, there are real dangers in a do-it yourself detox.
This phase of residential treatment for substance abuse or chemical dependency can be a couple of days or a couple weeks, depending on each person. After detox is complete, you will begin to feel renewed and awake to get started on your road to recovery with us in your customized residential addiction treatment at Rancho Milagro Recovery.

Medically Assisted Detox Treatment

You or your loved one detoxification starts once admitted to our beautiful home in French Valley or our serene 44-Acre Ranch Style Facility (see it here). Upon arrival, you will already feel at home, as our great staff greet you! Our medical staff is trained and thorough in creating a custom detox plan. Toxicology testing will help determine what substances are in the body, and our staff will then create a medically assisted plan for safe detox. Detox and treatment is not a one-size fits all, so you can rest assured that your plan will bring the best results for kick-starting your journey to lasting sobriety.

Our low staff-to-client and around-the clock availability and care ensures peace of mind during the detoxification process. Reaching the end of detox is a huge accomplishment, and we will all be excited to journey with you in the next stage of your recovery!