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What Is Detox? 

Detoxification, or detox, refers to the process of ridding the body of dangerous toxins from drug and alcohol use. Purging the body and achieving sobriety isn’t as easy as ceasing use. Sometimes the symptoms of withdrawal can prove to be painful and life-threatening improperly managed.

The primary goal of detox is to minimize physical harm that may result from quitting a drug after sustained use. During the detox process, a team of medical professionals helps manage the patient’s withdrawal symptoms to minimize any risk of complications.

At Rancho Milagro, our team can assist you through your detox to ensure your sobriety is reached safely and as comfortably as possible. What’s more, we will continue to work with you through your recovery journey even after initial treatment.

What makes your detox at Rancho Milagro different

Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Center is supervised by our certified, knowledgeable staff, and is a vital part of recovery. Please, do not attempt detoxification at home or without the care and supervision of medical help. We provide a safe environment to detox in. Remember, there are real dangers in a do-it yourself detox.

This phase of residential treatment for substance abuse or chemical dependency can be a couple of days or a couple weeks, depending on each person. After detox is complete, you will begin to feel renewed and awake to get started on your road to recovery with us in your customized residential addiction treatment at Rancho Milagro Recovery.

Medically Assisted Detox Treatment

Our ranch-style facility sits on a serene 44-acres in Riverside County’s French Valley, the perfect setting for you or your loved one to begin the detoxification process. You will be welcomed by our friendly staff who will make you feel right at home.

The detox phase of residential treatment for substance abuse or chemical dependency can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The extent of treatment and severity of withdrawal symptoms will depend on many factors: length of dependency, the substance used, method of use, and genetics.

Detox and treatment are not a one-size-fits-all solution; that’s why our medical staff is thoroughly trained in creating custom detox plans designed to suit an individual’s specific needs. Comprehensive drug testing will be utilized to determine what substances are in the body and to what degree. With these results, our medical staff can create your tailored medically assisted plan safe for detox.

Performing detoxification on your own without the help of a medical professional can result in life-threatening seizures and severe dehydration. Because of the potential risks and painful withdrawal symptoms, detox will likely feel overwhelming. That’s why there are real dangers in do-it-yourself or at-home detox. We provide a safe, accredited environment for detoxification. Our low staff-to-client ratio and around-the-clock care will help with your peace of mind during this time.

During the detox phase, relapse on drugs or alcohol is not uncommon because the withdrawal symptoms are so intense. Our doctors can help ease the process through medication, such as:

  • Benzodiazepines for pain management
  • Buprenorphine
  • Prescription drugs
  • Suboxone and suboxone maintenance

In-Patient Substance Abuse Treatment

Once you transition to in-patient care or residential care, the same support in the stabilization process will still be provided. Our medical staff will continue to monitor your vitals to ensure the body is properly healing from the detoxification process. Once our staff clinician, Dr. Valdez, issues a treatment plan, the nurses will implement all stages to minimize complications and manage pain.


What To Expect Following Detox

Rancho Milagro wants to work with you through every step of your unique sobriety and recovery process. We emphasize the healing of the entire body, including the mind, so treatment following detox is crucial for lasting recovery. We will get you through detox, help you reach sobriety, and guide you through recovery to ultimate health and wellness as well.

Rancho Milagro Recovery will provide you with tools and education to help you achieve your goals through sobriety. Our staff and medical team will continue to work with you toward making lasting progress toward lifelong recovery. This next level of care is known as inpatient or residential treatment.

Rancho Milagro views this transition period between detox and returning to everyday life as one of the most critical parts of recovery, and they are here to walk with you through every step.  Dr. Valdez and our nurses will work with you to find an effective care solution for your long-term success.

At the Ranch, you can expect to develop a healthy lifestyle with beautiful views and animals to interact within a peaceful environment ideal for recovery. You will be assigned a case manager and a therapist, who may guide and walk alongside you—on walking trails or around the farm—on your journey. They will set the groundwork for recovery by exploring the underlying mental and physical issues surrounding addiction.

Reaching detox is an incredible accomplishment, and we will celebrate with you and guide you into the next stage of your journey. We will remain hopeful and helpful with your progress toward health and wellness within your body and mind. With detox, inpatient, outpatient, and alumni services, we can be with you every step of the way.

Detoxing the body from drugs or alcohol can be painful and anxiety-inducing. Withdrawal symptoms can cause serious damage to the body, such as severe dehydration, seizures, and even death. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, inpatient detox is critical to achieving a healthy recovery while avoiding bodily harm. Finding a detox treatment center that you can trust to aid you in your journey to sobriety is important. Rancho Milagro utilizes a medical team, 24/7 monitoring, custom treatment plans, and Medically Assisted Treatment to make sure your detoxification process is as comfortable as possible. Following detox, we even offer further treatment plans at our ranch to strengthen your recovery journey. Asking for help is the first step to recovery, and we’re here to help. To explore your available options at Rancho Milagro, call us today at (951) 526-4582. We’re available around the clock to provide support and guidance for your unique situation.

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