Who is that person in the mirror? Sometimes we get to the point in our substance use where we are unable to recognize ourselves anymore. We do not behave the way that we used to, we do not even remember the kinds of things we used to enjoy, and when we look in the mirror, the tired, empty face staring back at us is a complete stranger to us. These kinds of experiences can make us feel so lost and hopeless. But there is hope. By entering our recovery journey, we can find ourselves again.

Why We Get Lost

It would be strange if we made plans one day to begin using substances with the plan of becoming addicted. Addiction is not a destination, it is a complication. The reasons we get lost in substance use can vary. Some of us begin by taking prescription pain meds, never thinking that there could be devastating consequences to something that we needed and our doctor prescribed. Others may begin drinking or using substances because of peer or familial pressures. Many of us begin our substance use to numb our pain.

Whatever the reason that we stepped onto the pathway of addiction, at some point, the substances themselves took over the driver’s seat. As we use substances, the reward pathway in our brain changes. At first, our brain tells us emphatically that we should ingest more of our substance. Then it is not really a choice anymore. Our brains and bodies become dependent on the substance. Even when we no longer get the same “high” or numbing that we initially did, our brain demands more and more. We don’t feel good when we drink or use our substance, but we also feel awful if we try to stop. Addiction can be like a trap.

This is why we get lost. We become slaves to our substance. The physical need to have it eclipses our other physical and emotional needs. Our pursuit of our substance and our related behaviors can negatively impact our relationships, our work, and everything else in our lives. We stop doing the things we love, we stop enjoying the people we love, and we stop loving ourselves. Soon we might feel hopeless, looking in the mirror at someone we don’t even recognize.

In Search of Ourselves

When we want to see ourselves again in the mirror, we will go in search of ourselves. Some people try to stop using substances on their own. Not only is this typically unsuccessful, but it can be very dangerous for our physical health to do this without proper medical care. Addiction is a physical condition that can cause damage to our lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, and more. Because our bodies become dependent, suddenly stopping substance use without medical care can actually cause more damage.

As we search for ourselves, we might try losing weight, quitting smoking, joining a gym, or any number of other ways to improve ourselves. Those things are good, but we are not going to truly find ourselves until we are willing to seek proper treatment for our substance use. Not only do we need to be willing, but we also need to be committed to ourselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally for it to be effective.

The First Step

When we are truly ready to find ourselves in that mirror again, we can contact a residential facility for the treatment of substance use. We should be looking for a facility that offers different programs, such as 12-Step, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery. Facilities that offer different treatment modalities such as ACT and CBT therapy, art and music therapy, equine therapy, anger management, and relapse prevention will help us to find what works best for us individually to heal.

The treatment facility should have excellent medical care to facilitate our detoxification process and our overall health as we take this giant first step into our recovery. It is okay to seek help in finding ourselves. Recovery is one of the most difficult journeys we can undertake in this life, but also the most rewarding. By choosing to seek help, and choosing wisely, we accept the guidance of people who have been there and know how to help us find ourselves again.

The Courage to Keep Looking

Once we have completed our recovery and sought healing for the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our addiction, it will take courage to continue finding ourselves. We can meet the challenge by rediscovering who we actually are and what we want in life. This is very difficult to do while actively using substances, but once we are free from substance use, we are able to find who we are, feel actual emotions, and build real relationships again.

Once Lost, Now Found

When we make the right choices concerning recovery from substance use, we can find ourselves again. No matter how lost or hopeless we may feel now, no matter what we have done, we can find our way back to knowing that person in the mirror. Recovery is not easy, but it is worth it. As we find the path to mental, physical, and emotional health, we can also find ourselves again.

When you are ready to find yourself again, Rancho Milagro Recovery can help you. Call (951) 526-4582 to find out about our facilities and treatments. We believe in personal care and personal recovery. Hope starts here.

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