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Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Using Cigna Insurance

What Is Cigna Drug Rehab Like At Rancho Milagro Recovery?

We always encourage families and clients to call us to figure out what recovery at Rancho Milagro Recovery entails and this is a good thing. There are many questions involving treatment ranging from what a typical day looks like and what one should bring. We try to answer all questions and even encourage everyone to come take a tour of our facility located on 60 acres of a beautiful ranch. Feel free to give us a call at 951-526-4582 to schedule your tour. We are available for tours 7 days a week.

The most common questions we get when prospective clients call Rancho Milagro Recovery is what a daily program looks like and how much programming is involved.
Check out our daily schedule here. With our drug and alcohol treatment program here at Rancho Milagro Recovery, individuals are surrounded by the serene atmosphere we have located on 60 acres of Ranch. In the past, 30years ago, Rancho Milagro Recovery used to be a cattle ranch with over 100 cattle at any given time. Now, we boast hiking trails, gardens, and a wonderful animal rescue program here to include horses, cows, pigs, dogs, and even an emu.

A lot of our Cigna clients are surprised to hear that they can detox here in an atmosphere that feels like home. Rancho Milagro Recovery boasts a beautiful spanish style ranch house with a personal chef catering to clients diet restrictions and custom meals. With a game room and gym, clients can also find themselves immersed in the Art therapy and yoga activities offered. Don’t be fooled though, everyone is expected to also participate in house chores and daily living.

Rancho Milagro Recovery is prepared with 24 hour nursing care and a certified staff to provide a medically-supervised detox program and residential rehabilitation program. Rancho Milagro Recovery is also licensed for Incidental Medical Services with the California Department of Health Care Services allowing our healthcare practitioners to administer direct care to our clients for addiction-related symptoms on-site. This saves time for clients who are experiencing difficulty in the process and does not require them to travel offsite for services. Rancho Milagro Recovery looks to provide the perfect private and quiet setting away from the hustle of city life, allowing them to find the peace to recenter their approach to life and face their addictions with the support or the Rancho Milagro Staff.

About Rancho Milagro Recovery

Rancho Milagro Recovery is an inpatient, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Temecula, California. We are a Cigna approved in-network provider of substance abuse treatment. We are licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services as both a short-term detox and long-term residential substance abuse treatment provider. Additionally, we maintain an Incidental Medical Services license from the state of California, as well as JCAHO accreditation. If you or a loved one are seeking a new path to drug and alcohol recovery, we are serious about helping you and providing our clients with the utmost quality of care available. In state or out of state, Rancho Milagro Recovery can help you.

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