Judee Tompkins
Founder, COO

Judee Tompkins, the Facility Administrator and co-founder of Rancho Milagro Recovery brings her 30 years as an educator specializing in both physical and mental health careers to Rancho Milagro Recovery. In 2003 Judee received state and CADAC approval to offer Substance Abuse Counselor training allowing her to provide education in the Temecula area for 13 years. During this time her enthusiasm for the industry and her understanding of the need for qualified facilities in the Temecula area prompted her to open Rancho Milagro Recovery, where miracles do happen. Judee is an avid equestrian and brings her love of animals to the ranch. Along with spending time with her children and pets you can spot her walking the ranch or feeding the horse with a trail of dogs and miniature pigs afoot.

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