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Meth Addiction
Meth is one of the most devastating drugs on the market. Like most drugs, meth derives its effectiveness from forcing the brain to pump out dopamine, the neurotransmitter that induces a sense of satisfaction from a job well done. Meth hijacks that system and pushes the brain to secrete more dopamine than is normal and healthy. Meth is so powerful that it is instantly habit-forming, opening the door to long-term consumption. Each meth hit can damage key receptors in the brain, rendering users incapable of feeling pleasure without the assistance of meth. Recovery from meth at Rancho Milagro begins with medical detox, followed by in-depth therapy with a trained professional.

As meth usage continues dopamine receptors in the brain are destroyed, rendering the patient incapable of experiencing pleasure through any other means or source aside from the meth. Meth becomes the center of users’ lives; their resources, time, energy, and focus are spent on getting meth.

Treatment and rehabilitation at Rancho Milagro Recovery can bring restoration, but there is a significant risk of permanent cognitive impairment if meth use is unchecked.

Signs and Symptoms of a Meth Addiction
The effects of methamphetamine go far beyond the psychological.

These are a few effects:
Elevated body temperature
Weight loss
Sleep deprivation
Skin abscesses

As the brain’s chemistry becomes radically altered due to meth usage, this results in behavioral changes such as severe paranoia and social isolation, hallucinations, and aggressive behavior marked by wild mood swings.

Are You Addicted to Meth?

Do you or a loved one show signs and symptoms of being an meth addict? Take our free, online and confidential meth abuse self assessment today to find out.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Treating a methamphetamine addiction requires a complete course of detoxification.

The beginning steps involve purging the physical presence of meth from users’ bodies and helping their bodies acclimatize to functioning without meth. The treatment process includes group and individual therapy to address the psychological damage done by meth, both in terms of rehabilitating the mind, and showing recovering users how they can function and grow in everyday life without the compulsion to seek out meth.

Rancho Milagro Recovery provides a safe environment with 24 hour nursing care and a continual support system for each patient. With a low patient to staff ratio, one can be assured of the care and attention to recovery is the first priority.