We reflect on the history, lore, and customs upon which traditions were created during the holidays. For Christians, for example, the phrase “no room in the inn” has meaning for Christmas. We may struggle this year to find hospital beds because of the global pandemic, but we are not shut out in the cold everywhere. Even with COVID-19, residential treatment facilities are practicing safety protocols to keep everyone physically healthy. Because of the very nature of addiction recovery, there will always be room for each one of us in recovery.

The Demand for Addiction Treatment

At any given time, the majority of people who need treatment for addiction are not receiving it. The most common barrier is that those in addiction are unwilling to admit that they have a problem. This year, with a global pandemic, studies have shown a significant increase in people drinking alcohol, particularly women. With all of the stress of uncertainty, unemployment, and the reality of so many people sick and dying, many have turned to substances as a way to cope.

This has created more need than ever for addiction treatment. However, all of the fears and unknowns have created a new barrier to people seeking treatment. Most residential treatment facilities have availability, despite the greater need. With many people unemployed or working from home, now is an ideal time to seek residential treatment and begin healing. 

The Safety of Residential Treatment

The fears about the safety of residential treatment are understandable because so many things are unknown right now. But actually, residential treatment facilities like Rancho Milagro follow strict health and safety protocols to protect clients and staff alike. The safety and well-being of each guest is of the highest priority. In fact, residential treatment could possibly be safer for some people than their typical life because residential treatment gives us the opportunity to truly just stay in one place and interact with the same people, so there are fewer chances of catching or spreading the virus. Add to that the medical supervision available during residential treatment and it is possibly one of the safer places to be right now.

Making Space for Recovery

So we know that there is room in residential treatment facilities right now. We know that they are a safe place to be. And we know that with addiction rates rising so much this year, this is a crucial time to seek health. But are we prepared to make space in our lives for recovery? Are we willing to admit that if we were asked to go back to work next week, our addiction would likely greatly interfere with that concept? Are we willing to admit to ourselves that our addiction is interfering with our lives and impacting the lives of those around us?

Making space in our lives for recovery is such a challenging decision. Yet it is also so rewarding. Certainly, we have to make arrangements and talk to our insurance, but it really is just one decision. Do we want to be well? If yes, we do what it takes to go to residential treatment and begin our recovery. If not, then why not? Ultimately, at least a little part in all of us, even at the height of our substance use, wants to be free from addiction, free from substance use, free to be well. Treatment will always be there, but do our choices ensure that we will make it to treatment? This is why the question, “Do we want to be well?” is such an important one. The sooner we can take the steps to be well, the better our outcome will be.

This Is the Perfect Time for Recovery

Right now is the best time to begin our recovery. Not only because life is more restricted anyway and this would be a very effective way to make use of this time, but also because there is hope around the corner for this pandemic. With vaccines being approved now, there is more hope than ever that life could return to a better normal soon. Why not take this time to also return our lives to a better normal? Why not already be sober and in recovery when the world opens up again, so we can truly enjoy life again? This is truly the perfect time to change our lives.

This time of the year is remembered for a time when there was no room in the inn for weary travelers looking help, but there is always room for you in recovery. This is the perfect time to begin your recovery, as practicing social-distancing while healing from your addiction is an ideal use of your time right now. There has never been a better time for you to get help. You don’t need to be alone, join our treatment community at Rancho Milagro Recovery by calling (951) 526-4582 today. Spend your lockdown time with people just like you, making good choices for your health and well-being. Come stay on an authentic ranch, spend time with our animals, and learn more about yourself as you change your life for the better. There is room in recovery for you, now the choice is yours: Do you want to be well?

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