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At Rancho Milagro Recovery, we are dedicated to helping our patients find a lasting solution to addiction. Not only do we provide practical tools like medical and psychiatric therapy, but our entire staff will be supportive and encouraging throughout your entire journey. They are dedicated to providing you or your loved one with a stable system of support. Through a focused team of experts, friendly staff, and an estate full of animals, Rancho Milagro is prepared to treat drug and alcohol addictions and their underlying conditions, along with any obstacles that may arise in treatment.

We Believe In Treating the Whole Person

We believe that recovery is about healing the mind, body, and spirit. All of these elements must work in unison and be regularly nurtured for lasting recovery. We provide treatments for every step of recovery, as well as many different forms of healing activities such as animal therapy, anger management, activity therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and relapse prevention.

Our staff and medical team treat our clients with respect and honesty and are available to listen provide guidance around the clock. We have a pastor who frequently visits our facility, and those looking for spiritual guidance are welcome to visit local churches with us.

We offer customized treatment and therapy plans to fit each person’s individual needs in accordance with their background. Of course, we understand that recovery doesn’t only take place in your mind. Whether you choose to take a yoga or cooking class, hike our trails, or participate in our agility course, there are plenty of activities around the ranch to keep your body busy as well. Our physical trainer works on our ranch and customizes fitness plans for each resident who wants to improve their physical fitness as well.

We want to be there to help you or a loved one through any struggles that may emerge, even after completing our program. Our alumni have been known to make appearances and take our current residents on the hiking trails. They are always welcomed back for the day if they feel the need for support or want to provide it to others.

We Deliver Exceptional Medical Care

We value outstanding medical treatment at Rancho Milagro; exceptional care is our first priority. Each treatment plan designed by our recovery professionals will utilize current, evidence-based recovery practices. Our full team of treatment staff helps clients every day by monitoring the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Our facility is located on a secluded ranch, meaning our medical team is elite and thoroughly trained to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of their patients. They will closely monitor you or your loved one through the harmful symptoms of detox and can walk with you through the next stages of recovery.

We Offer a Place of Trust and Love

In each progression of our program, the client is cheered on by our staff. Our beautiful, serene ranch house is set far outside of the hustle and bustle of city life. Here, clients can receive treatment from our dedicated team in an environment that allows them to focus solely on healing. Because we have so much acreage—60 to be exact—our clients are able to take a break from individual or group therapy to retreat to fresh air and rolling hills.

Rancho Milagro also offers gender-specific treatment options to ensure you are most comfortable through the process. Our ranch will provide you or a loved one with a safe, compassionate atmosphere where each person’s progress is supported by our staff.

The staff at Rancho Milagro is a blend of family and chosen family, furry and not so furry. Our clients are treated as if they are incorporated into our family, a nontraditional unit we recognize they may not be familiar with. The ranch has been in Judy Thompkins’ family for many generations, and the value of family in this environment can be felt through a simple visit.

We Have a Dedication to the Livelihood of Animals

One of Rancho Milagro Recovery’s missions is providing rescued animals with sanctuary. We believe that we are not only saving the animals, but they are saving us and our patients as well. There may be an instance where a client’s therapy session could occur while brushing horses in the stable or while accompanied by one of our dogs.

We believe the act of saving and caring for these animals can be correlated to saving and caring for our clients. When our clients participate in providing care for others, they learn how to provide the same kind of love and care to themselves.

We incorporate animal therapy where both clients and staff can interact with our group of rescued animals, including cows, horses, pigs, turkeys, etc. You can meet the whole team here!

We Are a Part of the Local Community

Here at Rancho Milagro Recovery, we believe the incorporation of the local community allows our clients to step into the “real world” while still maintaining the stable support system we provide for them. From our weekly bonfires that are open to the public to our annual baseball games with surrounding treatment facilities, we allow our clients the opportunity to step outside the quiet, ranch life. With our group activities and mission toward the welfare of animals, it’s easy to feel like you’re part of an impacting community.

Rancho Milagro’s philosophies are greatly centered around providing help and support to those struggling with substance abuse disorders by incorporating them into a loving family and accepting community. Call Rancho Milagro today to begin your journey towards loving and supporting yourself at +1 (951) 526-4582.

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