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At Rancho Milagro Recovery, we believe in helping everyone find a lasting solution to addiction. Our treatment incorporates both medical and psychological therapy to help each individual find success. With a focused team of experts, Rancho Milagro is prepared to help treat drug and alcohol addiction and provide a new path to life.

We Believe in Treating the Whole Person

Rancho Milagro Recovery’s treatment programs are designed to treat all aspects of an individuals mind, body and spirit. With a professional team of experts and situated in the lush Temecula Hills of Southern California, Rancho Milagro provides the perfect setting for your treatment needs.

We also incorporate animal therapy where all clients and staff can interact with our team of rescue animals including, cows, horses, pigs, etc. We immerse our clients into the Rancho Milagro Life.

We Deliver Exceptional Medical Care

Outstanding medical care is a must at Rancho Milagro Recovery. Each treatment plan is designed with the individual at hand. We have a full team of treatment staff to help clients everyday that are constantly monitoring an individuals, physical and mental well being.

We Offer a place of trust and love.

Rancho Milagro is a beautiful ranch house set far from the busy city life. Here clients can receive treatment from our dedicated team and solely focus on healing. We have gender specific treatment options and our ranch provides a safe, respectful, and loving atmosphere where each persons progress is supported by our staff.

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