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Physical Drug & Alcohol Detoxification is part one of beating addiction, but it is a potentially difficult and dangerous part of the recovery process. We do not advocate detox from home, as detoxing from alcohol and some drugs can be very dangerous. This is why we offer medically assisted detox plans tailored to the needs of each person. Detox isn’t easy, but having strong, secure support team will help you or your loved one rise to the next level of recovery. learn more


After completing the physical detox, residential treatment is the next step of care. At Rancho Milagro’s 24/7 monitored facility, there will be timely access to intensive therapy when it is most needed. You or your loved one will have access to group meetings and one-on-one therapy, so that the cause behind addiction can be dealt with. Counseling and group time will create lasting tools. Drug and Alcohol addiction usually affect every area of life from employment to relationships. At Rancho Milagro, you will gain tools for determining and addressing the root of addiction, preparing for life after treatment, while also identifying and treating co-occurring conditions, like anxiety or depression. Following inpatient care, we work with many Outpatient centers and sober living homes. We seek to develop strong relationships with every person that comes through our doors. Part of that involves our weekly Bonfire Alumni Meetings. We are passionate about lasting recovery and helping others find purpose after addiction. learn more

12 step Approach

At Rancho Milagro Recovery, we utilize the proven effectiveness of the 12-Step Approach to addiction treatment. While at our center, you or your loved one can participate in the many 12-Step Meetings we attend to grow in our recovery and celebration of recovery. Our weekly alumni Bonfire meetings are 12-Step Meetings hosted at our Ranch. We can also customize your treatment plan to include non-12 step recovery if you so choose. learn more

Equine Therapy

There is something incredibly majestic about horses. At Rancho Milagro Recovery, we utilize our many horses with innovative equine therapy. This time will help encourage emotional support, trust, bonding, and more powerful tools through the therapeutic interactions between the client, horse, and therapist. In equine therapy, the horse becomes a metaphor and a bridge for promoting communication. This is especially true and effective in expressing true emotions, as horses will respond to behavior. This is a proven and studied therapy technique that greatly aides progression through addiction treatment and healthy communication and emotional awareness. learn more