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Approved & Prohibited Items
We care about the safety of our staff, clients, and their loved ones. While in treatment, we want our clients to have everything they need but there are some items that should be left at home. Below is a list of items that are acceptable and those that are not appropriate to bring to residential treatment.
  • Casual attire, modest bathing suit, workout clothing
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Picture ID
  • Approved prescription medication (will be locked in office)
  • Insurance card and sufficient money to cover cost of medications
  • Spending money (will be locked in office)
  • Personal MP3 Player (without internet access)
  • Gum
  • Computer, iPad, electronic workbook, or MP3 players with Internet access
  • Alcohol or non-prescription/illegal drugs
  • Aerosol cans
  • Perfumes or any product containing alcohol
  • Revealing clothing
  • Clothing with alcohol or drug logos/graphics
  • Outside food, candy, or drinks
  • Magazines, books, or videos with sexual content
  • Guns, knives, fireworks, or any item of potential danger or commonly used as a weapon
* The above lists identify items that are approved to bring to treatment and those which are prohibited. However, these lists may be partial depending on which facility you or your loved one attends. Prior to intake, our admissions staff provides clients with a more detailed list of important items to bring, as well as a list of items that are prohibited from facility grounds.
FAQs About What to Bring

I want my loved one to have spending money, but I’m worried the money won’t make it to the facility with them. How can I avoid this?

You can set up an account directly with the facility where there is a designated staff member to keep up with such funds.
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