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At Rancho Milagro Recovery, we are hopeful that we can help anyone who wishes to overcome addiction, as well as their families. From officially welcoming them onto our ranch in Temecula, California or our beautiful home in the French Valley, California to recommending resources closer to home, we wish to help anyone in the country who may be struggling with substance use disorders. 

With our main facility being located on a 40-acre ranch, those who have an inclination for rural living and farm life may initially be drawn to us for the secluded environment we can provide. However, we also provide many other activities and classes that can be beneficial to those who are artistically inclined, those interested in fitness, and those with a passion for cooking. 

With regular hiking over the property, yoga, prepared meals, a comfortable atmosphere, and beautiful views out of every window, you or your loved one are in good hands and will feel welcomed right away by our dedicated staff and lively animals!

As one of the nation’s premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, we understand that addiction impacts more than just the user.  Our staff is here for any person with substance use disorder, as well as their families, to provide the necessary resources and meet both their medical and psychiatric needs. Our doors also remain open to alumni of our program for day visits and to coordinate aftercare to help ensure a lasting recovery

Individualized, Patient-Driven Care

Each of Rancho Milagro’s facilities caters to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of our clients. Our professionals create customized treatment plans to fit each individual’s situation, treatment needs, and recovery goals. We have many different options for care to make our diverse group of clients feel at home. Considerations like age, gender, occupation, and lifestyle are just some of the factors that are considered in the process of providing individualized, patient-drive care to all our clients.

Gender-Specific and Gender-Separate Options

We are dedicated to offering a community of love and support to anyone of any gender at our facility. We offer treatment options that can be gender-specific or gender-separate so that our clients can feel most comfortable during their stay and while in therapy. 

Active and Retired Military Members 

We are overjoyed to say that Rancho Milagro has been approved to be an In-Network provider of substance abuse treatment for those with TRICARE West insurance. This means that millions of military personnel and their family members have access to treatment at Rancho Milagro Recovery’s alcohol and drug detox and recovery programs. We have professionals that specialize in the effects and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression to support you on your journey to recovery.

Adults of All Ages

Rancho Milagro Recovery treats adults between ages 18 and 64. We have age-specific treatment options for each age range to ensure the best care for each generation. Addictions affect people of all ages, but how they affect people of different ages, and for how long, is an important factor in determining the correct path of care for each client. 


We understand that each person’s story and circumstances in our care must be taken into consideration for treatment to be effective. Addiction can affect anyone in any social standing, profession, or wealth class, and we pride ourselves on helping anyone who is struggling with a substance use disorder.  Rancho Milagro offers exclusive and discreet treatment options for professionals like high-level executives, physicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, pilots, professional athletes, and other professions that may have a client in the public eye. We can provide private rooms and treatment options for these high-executive individuals to protect their privacy. 

Who Needs Help Overcoming Addiction? 

You may have inquired about Rancho Milagro Recovery because you are suffering from addiction yourself. We understand substance use disorders and addiction and we can assist in treatment and recovery for individuals addicted to alcohol, methamphetamines, opioids, prescription drugs, and others. We bring not only professionals but our own life experiences to the table when we create our approaches for a full recovery. Our curriculum includes a full spectrum of life skills and professional guidance designed with your needs in mind. In addition, medicated detox facilitated by our thorough medical team is available for those who qualify. 

Your Loved One

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, they may not be the only ones adopted into our program. We believe that, in order to have a full understanding of our clients, it is beneficial to understand their family dynamics as well. Having a loved one struggling with addiction can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and guilt in the people who care about them. We want to look out for you as well as your loved one. As such, our programs are created with the knowledge that the success of a client’s recovery increases when everyone is involved with the plan.

Your Patient 

If you are a professional looking to refer a client or find more information about us, we are more than happy to collaborate with you throughout the process. We can offer you a tour of either of our locations so you can decide if we are the best fit for your patient. We welcome any questions or concerns you or your patient may have about our facility and treatment programs to make sure they will be receiving the best care for them. 

Rancho Milagro Recovery understands that anyone can suffer from addiction, and that is why we offer specialized care catered to each individual and their families in our programs. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we will use all of our resources to help you feel comfortable through the recovery process. Call Rancho Milagro today to explore even more of our treatment options and amenities at (951) 526-4582.

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